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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Time for the Virtual Book Club

Don't miss!! Wednesday this week is the "Somewhat Virtual Book Club!"

Just who might join us??

In October we are reading and discussing:

Want to know when we meet? First Wednesday of each month - 6PM for us on the east coast!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Welcome Back - its the 2015-2016 School Year!

So glad to have all our students back! We are cranking things up right from the get go!

New books aplenty!
On your first day back, be sure to drop by the library to browse through and maybe check out a few of our brand new books. We have around 300 new books (including Manga for the inner graphic novelists in our midst!)

Cavaliers Read / BYOB Book Club
The library sponsors a monthly lunchtime book club, and there is already a Book Club sign-up for our very first meeting.  We have called it different names but it is all the same club: BYOB Club (Bring Your Own Book Club), the Cavaliers Read Book Club, and the DHS Lunchtime Book Club. You will hear us often refer to this meeting by any of those names, but here is all you need to know. We meet once a month, usually over in the DHS College & Career Center's Career Office, and the library provides lunches and books to the book club. It is very important to sign up, as that is how we determine how many lunches to order. On meeting day, you head on over to the Career Office in the C wing, and we'll have lunch waiting for you. We will spend the time eating lunch, and talking and sharing about books. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 28, 2015 during each lunch. This meeting is a "Bring Your Own Book" meeting, and we'll share a favorite book with the group while we eat lunch. We will also spend some time deciding on future titles for the next book clubs. The sign up is at the very end of this post.

Bring Your Own Book - Our Lunchtime Book Club's first meeting of 2015-2016 is August 28!

It's Voting Time for the TEENS' TOP TEN
Each year an organization known as YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Organization) sponsors an annual list of the top Young Adult books. The voting takes place annually from August through October. In October the top ten are announced.  Teens vote! The nominees are displayed in our library, and we have almost all them. If you are ready to vote, please go ahead! If you want to read some of the nominees, come check them out. You can use your Destiny Quest app to reserve a book from anywhere too. Here are the nominees.

Want to know about the titles? Here is a playlist of book trailers:

Ready to vote? Go ahead! Click this image to open the voting form.

Want to know what to read?
Yes, we have book suggestions. We will recommend some of our favorites, but you can also check the sidebar here to find the top ten books form last school year. The YALSA Teens Top Ten always make for good reads as well. Checkout their Tumbler! You will also find the library has displays of books based on some kind of theme. Right now we have the following displays up: So You Like Urban Lit, Guys Read, Books at the Movies, If you liked The Fault in Our Stars, and more. We even have books suggestions running on a digital frame at the circulation desk. Students can check out up to five books at a time, and the loan period is three weeks. Just be sure to have your student ID on hand when you are ready to check out. We are waiting and ready to check out books on the first day!

Get Connected
How can you stay connected to events, new book arrivals, library programming and more? Just sign up for the Dorman Library's instant message announcements via Remind. Be the first one to find out and sign up for book club meetings! Be the first to get the book club books when they arrive! These are announced via our Remind messages all year long.

Don't forget to sign up for our August 28 book club meeting! August 20 is the deadline for signing up tog get a lunch.