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Friday, February 27, 2015

March Madness 2015

 I put up our Library March Madness Brackets today.  I will put up more Monday, including a Bracket Challenge, a Title for this display, and how the books made it into the tournament. I don't necessarily need it, though, as MANY students who passed as I was putting this up today asked me when the tournament started and how they could participate, so the word is out and my students are expecting it! We will post results each Friday during March, so students will have Monday through Thursday to vote a book through the tournament.

How did we choose the books?
We ran a Destiny report on the top circulating books from February 2014 to February 20115, and then created a true 16 bracket single elimination tournament, with the seeds matched up accurately.  Starting Monday, students can drop by to vote their favorite books through. We will tally votes Thursday after school, and reveal the next round (Elite Eight) Friday at lunch time.

What Made the Tourney? We are proud to present the following titles as our Sweet Sixteen. Some of these are book club titles (which could have given them an inflated status) and three of them are from our Manga and/or Graphic Novels collection, a very popular section in the library. This year is the first time we've had more than one graphic novel in our tournament.

What books made the tournament?
Our Sweet Sixteen are as follows:
  • #1 - Bleach 55 (Manga) vs #16 The Fight (Drama High)
  • #2 - Butter (Lange) vs #15 Back Stage (Manga)
  • #3 - Naruto 1 (Manga) vs #14 Blue Plate Special (Kwasney)
  • #4 - The Fault in Our Stars (Greene)  vs #13 Thirteen Reasons Why (Asher)
  • #5 - If I Stay (Foreman) vs #12 Lockdown (Smith)
  • #6 - If I fall (Oliver) vs #11 Homeboyz (Sitomer)
  • #7 - Allegiant (Roth) vs #10 Champion (Lu)
  • #8 - House of Hades vs #9 Mocking Jay (Collins)
How do the books advance?
We will begin with a bracket challenge, allowing students Monday through Thursday to predict the total tournament results.  Each Thursday during lunch we will invite students to make predictions bracket by bracket by having them vote. We will set up our voting in a Google Form, and encourage students to vote. After lunch on Thursday we will tally and move the winners forward. We will name the following each Friday:
  • February 27 - Sweet Sixteen
  • March 6 - Elite Eight
  • March 13 - Final Four
  • March 20 - Championship Round
  • March 27 - Tournament Champion
Students, you are welcome to vote using this form.