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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Digital Spine Poetry

After seeing how Andy Plemmons (a Georgia school librarian in Mrs. Nelson's professional learning community) used Tellagami with his Spine Poetry activity, she shared it with Mrs Richie's World Lit classes who were visiting the library to create Spine Poems. Since these students are from a high school World Lit class, their task was to create a couple of Spine Poems, but one had to reflect major themes from their recent study of literary criticism and theory. These students amazed us today, and with no demonstration at all, they ran with it. The decision to use it was made about thirty minutes before the first group came, and so it was just suggested students use their own smartphones and help each other out.  Here are the results. ENJOY!!

(NOTE: The first two above were shared straight from Tellagami, so they have their "Gami" border. The others were sent to me as downloaded. I am still trying to figure out why they do not have their Tellagami border, but my suspicion is the type of device used, as our students had quite a variety.)


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