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Monday, March 17, 2014

Congrats Mallory!!

Mallory A., a student in our school, recently entered an art sculpture made from weeded books in a competition.  Her art teacher, Mrs. Susan Eleazer, received news recently that Mallory's piece was winning accolades!  Here is part of a thank you note from her mom:

We are so proud of Mallory. This weekend we attended the 2014 Young Women in Art Gallery & Awards Reception at Converse College. Mallory had a sculpture from her class last semester that was accepted into the gallery. We were just honored to have her piece accepted but we're ecstatic when her piece won 1st place in the sculpture category.
 If that was not enough, she was approached by a librarian in Polk County who asked her to Comission a piece custom for their library using a historical book from Polk Co. WOW!!  I know you guys must be proud to have her at Dorman!
Here are some pictures showcasing Mallory and her artwork!   And yes, we are very proud of Mallory.

 Clockwise: Mallory with her art piece; Mallory with an award; Mallory and her art teacher, Mrs. Susan Eleazor.

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