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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coming in March - DHS Library March Madness 2014

As we sit at home waiting for the snow to melt, I've been working on our March Madness contest. Here are the titles seeded and ready for their respective competition. Read across for each row to know the rank. Rankings are based on circulation data through February 9 for one calendar year.  Students can vote once a week using the ballot or QR code provided, and if their name is given, they go in a drawing for accurate picks. We'll have a donut drop-in Friday of the last week, and during this morning drop-in, we'll reveal the winning title that YOU voted to win.

So that voting can be completed in four weeks (16 titles) we'll vote once a week--EACH THURSDAY!! The brackets will be up SOON!

Without further delay, let me introduce our "Sweet Sixteen."

Seeds 1-8:

Seeds 9-16:

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's that time of the year again!

If you have been reading the SC Young Adult Book Award (SCYABA) Nominees this year, it is now time to cast your vote.  Here are the nominees:  Which one is your favorite?

There are several ways to cast your vote for your favorite SCYABA nominee title:
  1. Click on this link http://goo.gl/Uik3We and follow the instructions on the form. Don't forget to click "Submit" to send your vote to me.
  2. Scan the QR Code to the right:  
  3. Stop by the library to fill out a voting form.  The forms are on the table with the books listed above.  You can also ask Mrs. Dillard, Mrs. Nelson, or Mrs. Hammett for a form.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Promotion through student-created posters and trailers

Last semester the library had Mrs. Mayes' 10th Grade College Prep English class engage in a digital book project where they had to read a book, and then follow up with a book review and a digital project of their choice, either a book trailer or book poster.

Trailer - I. Young

Trailer - C.Nelson*

Trailer - R. Mallory

Trailer - M. Parris

Trailer by A. Sary

Poster by C. Burgess

Poster by B. Still
Poster by D. Landrum
Poster by S. Federov

Trailer by K. Massey

Trailer by A. Roach
Trailer by S. Morrow

Two of her classes this semester are in the throws of a similar project. With this post we are going to attempt to share the last semester projects.  Please take a moment to visit the links, which lead to a book's Destiny Record from Dorman High School's Destiny Catalog. I have added some of their projects to the record (under "Explore"), but only if it met the approval of my collaborating teacher, Mrs. Mayes. Scroll down after opening each link to find a hyperlink to a student's contributed book review, and then further down to find a hyperlink to either a book trailer or a book poster digital project created by a student at Dorman.We would love some feedback in the comments below. Thanks so much!!

*This is a sample I made with the class to make them understand Animoto.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Books @ the Movies

We are ready to launch our February focus, Books @ the Movies!  In recent weeks there have been several movie trailers released that match really popular books here at Dorman. We have set up a book display of the ones we have (though many are checked out!).

Dorman is also sponsoring a contest open to teachers and students based on the  upcoming Oscars scheduled for March 2, 2014. In this contest, all are asked to GUESS the winners in each Oscars category. Those with 50% accuracy go into a drawing for a $25 Regal Cinema gift card. Other winners will receive a free book from the library.

Take a stab at this contest (the image below hyperlinks TO the online contest) and while you're at the library, check out one of these great reads! Or just click here.