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Friday, December 13, 2013

A-Twitter about a Surprise Fine Forgiveness Day

Today marked a unique day for us in the Dorman High School Library. It was Friday the 13th, a traditionally frowned upon date. Factor in also the library being closed due to "End of Course" Testing, and we have some pretty unhappy library regulars. To turn frowns upside down, we decided to market this special day as a surprise fine forgiveness day. We thought about our making the announcement via our Library Twitter account since we were closed, but we knew not too many of our students were following it. So Mrs. Dillard, one of the DHS librarians, hatched a plan. She sent the following message out in an email to our teachers, requesting they share the fine forgiveness day as well as how we would be rounding up books that needed to be returned each block.  It went like this, though it's been edited for brevity:

Students who have fines but do not have books to return can TWEET to the library to have their fines waived/forgiven. The Twitter handle for the DHS Library is @CavaliersRead. If students do not have a Twitter account, they can stop outside the library doors (on the cafeteria side) and write their name on a Fine Forgiveness paper.  

The response was overwhelmingly positive! We also prvided a way for students who do not use Twitter to get in on the deal, and we sent a student library worker around each block to collect books for teachers who responded indicating the need. We had many books picked up each block by our library workers, and we gained some new followers to out Library Twitter account, @CavaliersRead!

Way to go Mrs. Dillard!! 

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