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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thanks for a GREAT DHS Teen Read Week!

Just wanted to say thanks DHS teens for helping us celebrate Teen Read Week at Dorman. It was fun, memorable, and best of all, a great way to get to know each other!  Some highlights and winners:

  • There daily trivia winners---too many to name! Some of these students even won Barnes & Noble giftcards! There were three in the trivia. Other scratch-off tickets garnered students pens, pencils, free books, school supplies of an assorted nature, and more. Our students were very excited to try the trivia (based on library orientation, class research, and frequently asked questions about the library.) They could not ask library staff, but could rely on signs, displays, and each other to get answers and a chance at a scratch-off ticket.  
  • We had 12 students opt in for "Bookmark Yourself," and I must say their personalized bookmarks looked great!
  • We had 97 entries in the "If YA Book Characters used Twitter" and each student who entered scored a scratch off trivia card.  Brittany W. won the Barnes & Noble Gift card from the Twitter contest drawing.  
  • Our SCPL Westside branch sent two teen librarian assistants out to help promote TRw activities form the public library Thursday.  
  • We had 20 of our 24 students invited to make it into the Donut Drop-in.  These students have this year checked out the most books, and have absolutely no over dues or fines.  Each one came for donuts, juice, milk, or water, and a FREE book.  
Definitely looking forward to next year's Teen Read Week. Enjoya  few pictured moments form thsi years TRW at Dorman.

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