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Friday, October 4, 2013

Gearing Up for a Great Teen Read Week

Each of these activities will be sponsored during all lunches each day of the week, October 13-17, 2013. 


  • Answer Trivia Questions, win scratch off tickets with hidden prizes. Students draw a question from a Teen Read Week basket at the circulation desk. If they can accurately state an answer, they get to select a scratch off ticket. One question per student per day. We will set a ten-minute timer for harder questions that may require research. (i.e. Who is responsible for “xyz” quotation; you have ten minutes to answer.)  
  • Book Mark Contest from the SCPL (daily through October 31)

● MONDAY - Bookmark Yourself - Design/Get 2 bookmarks personalized with your picture

● TUESDAY - Locate and present the DHS Library book The Unknowns, which is openly hidden in a library display. 

DAY TBA - Fine Forgiveness Day (the day is a surprise—tba—which will be announced on the morning announcements the day of our “surprise fine forgiveness” day)

WEDNESDAY - “If Teen Book Characters Used Twitter“ contest (NOTE: may bringthis one over to café)  All correctly identified book entries go in a drawing for a B&N gift card.

● THURSDAY - SCPL Teen Librarian Visit during all three lunches 

● FRIDAY - Donuts for the Library’s Top 25 Patrons and invited contest winners (Friday Morning before school))


CCSDeweyDiva said...

I love this idea. Can you share the answers?

CCSDeweyDiva said...

I love this idea. Can you share the answers?