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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meet Mrs. Graham, our USC-SLIS Intern

Book Clubs have begun

Thursday, September 27, each lunch offered students a chance to BYOB (bring your own book) to our first lunchtime book club. Since Dorman has three lunches, the library staff each took a lunchtime book club down to the food lab to eat a library purchased catered lunch and talk about books! We had a tremendous number for participation, well over 60 participants across three lunches. Mrs. Nelson held the first lunch group, Ms. Hammett held the second lunch group, and Mrs. Dillard held the third lunch group. Our USC-SLIS intern, Mrs. Graham attended all three. I hate I didn't think to snap a few candid photos. Each group will come together again to discuss a book that was given to them November 7, 2013 (when? at lunch of course!) The catering plans for the next lunch meeting is Papa Johns, at least as of the date of this publication. The students from each group will come back together after reading the following to discuss them:

First Meeting, Thursday, September 27
During this past Thursday's lunch meeting, which by the way was the first one, each group watched an interview with the author and a book trailer of the above books while they ate their deli sandwich catered lunch. After eating and watching the videos, students shared the book they brought, since our first group meeting was to talk about a book they wanted to share with the group. Then students were invited to the library to pick up their complimentary copy of the book. We had a huge number during third lunch, so we will be ordering a few extra copies.  It's a good problem to have, right?

We are using Remind101
Students have also been invited to follow information and reminders about our lunch book clubs by subscribing to emails or text message reminders from Remind101. It is working well, as just about every student responded to the "Remind101" post/message to come pick up their free book.

Is it too late?
Students, if you are interested in joining us for our next book club, you will have to sign up in the library. Listen to the announcements (or come by and ask for the Remind 101 information to get a virtual "reminder.") Pizza will only be ordered for those who sign up in advance.

Dorman Library Celebrates Intellectual Freedom

Last week we celebrated the freedom to read at Dorman. We had an eye-catching library display that we turned in to a contest. Wednesday we went over to the cafeteria to give students a chance to identify some strategically disguised books in a contest. There were nine books disguised. we had over 110 students and teachers get in on the contest.  Congrats to Mrs. P. Neely (Math Department DHS Teacher) and student Breanna Peeso, 10th grader, who had their entries drawn from the correct responses.

Her's an example of the strategically disguised books:

The contest in the cafeteria looked like this:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Help with Your Fall Semester Poetry Anthology Project

The following contains the links discussed in class Monday, September 24, 2013 with Ms. Compton's class.  If you need logins or passwords for any of the resources mentioned, email your librarian, Mrs. Nelson!

If you didn't get your handout with helpful reminders/links from this class, see Mrs. Nelson in the library.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dystopian BookTalk

Dear Students,

Seeking the next Hunger Games or Divergent? Check out my Prezi featuring a selection of  Dystopian titles.  I did a booktalk featuring these titles with Mrs. Mullman's class, but think these could be of interest to anyone interesting in thrilling, futuristic stories. Drop by and let me know what you think!

Mrs. Graham
Dorman Library Intern