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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome newbies!!

We are in the midst of introducing our library to our tenth graders, as this is their first year here.  But we may miss a few upperclassmen who are new as well. So here is our slide-set we use in our orientation.

here is a basic script that goes with each slide:

  1. Welcome
  2. We open daily at 7:30AM. We close Mon-Thur at 4:15PM; we close Friday at dismissal.  We are open and available throughout the school day everyday.
  3. We have 24,000+ books in our library.  Students can check out up to five books at a time, and they may keep them for three weeks.  Students can place holds on books unavailable due to checkout.
  4. We have 24,000+ books in our library.  Students can check out up to five books at a time, and they may keep them for three weeks.  Students can place holds on books unavailable due to checkout.
  5. You MAY use your electronic device in the library.
    You MAY NOT take pictures or videos with your device or talk on your phone in the library.
    Keep in mind: When using ear buds/headphones, YOU should be THE ONLY PERSON who can hear what you are listening to.
    When charging your device, you may only use the outlets with the “Ok to Charge Here” sign above them. You MAY NOT USE the outlets around the book shelves.
    **Charge your device at your own risk.
    **We reserve the right to ask you to unplug your device.
  6. We promote reading through many activities, celebrations, and contests.  Often students that have participated are invited to “extras” and get free books (and food too!!)  Listen to announcements, read our blog, or pay attention to signs in the library and around our school to get on some of these awesome opportunities.
  7. We sponsor a few different book clubs. One is known sometimes as “Read & Feed” and at other times as “BYOB”, which means “Bring Your Own Book”.  These two clubs are just simply book sharing lunches.  The library will provide those who sign up a catered lunch.  We always meet in the food lab on the B back hall during lunch.
  8. We also sponsor a Virtual Book Club where we videoconference with around six high school groups around a single topic.Tilt is one we did last year.  Student in the Video conference choose the titles.
  9. This year we are going to have three book clubs using these titles. All we'll meet at lunch, and again, we’ll provide a catered lunch to those who sign up.
  10. Keep in mind that while there is plenty of exciting things going on in the library, we also want to be sure we still have a quiet environment in our library. Respect that some choose the library to read, study, work in small groups, research, and more, and most of these activities require students to be quiet. Many times there will be two or three classes in the library at the same time, as well as individuals visiting. We can work together so each group and individual has a successful library experience.
  11. Along with the previously mentioned activities, students may choose to read newspapers or magazines, play chess or checkers, or even strike up a game of scrabble. All games are on a table near the circulation desk.  Feel free to select a game; please return the game boxed or bagged back to the table upon completion or leaving.
  12. While the library does not require a pass before or after school, students visiting during the school day must present a pass. All students visiting from a classroom must present their pass and sign in. Visitors from lunch just simply place the lunch pass in the basket at the desk.
  13. In an attempt to keep the library environment clean and inviting, we do not allow drinks or food. Students who have these items must store them properly in a bookbag. Items that cannot be stowed properly can be left at the desk for safe keeping.
  14. The library tables are designed to seat four. We respectfully request that students not pull chairs from other tables to accommodate a larger group.  Our tables are close enough in proximity to allow students to still have conversations while sitting at nearby tables.  Our chairs and loungers are designed for one person. Please refrain from sitting on the arm rests as a way to share these chairs.  Again, on person to a seat.
  15. Many students use ear buds to listen to music via a personal device.  We kindly ask that music be low enough so as to not disturb or distract while in use.
  16. Destiny Quest will allow students to login and search, reserve, review, or find similar titles on the computer.  This is a great program that also allows friends” to share good books!
  17. Destiny Quest is now available as an app on smart devices.
  18. Now access Destiny Quest from a device that fits in your pocket..
  19. Easily search for titles and see a cover.  Click on the title to place a hold, review, or recommend.
  20. Enjoy creating lists of books you have read, reviewing titles with stars and/or text, and find titles similar to the ones you are looking at, all from your phone or other device.
  21. Teen Book Finder is another app that can help teens find good books.
  22. Check out the current day’s “Hot Picks” and more.
  23. Search in a variety of ways.
  24. Read about the title recommendations; share this title using social networking tools.
  25. We hope your visit to the library will be productive and frequent!

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