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Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness: Championship Round

We have made it to the last round of our Library March Madness with the finalist competing for Library Book of the Year at Dorman High School. Vying for that title are two books in a single series, respectively book 1 and book 2. Hunger Games, seeded at #6 matches up against Catching Fire, the #1 seed in our March Madness Tournament.

Drop by the library to cast your vote this week.  We will be naming our champion THIS FRIDAY, March 29, 2013.

Don't forget to put your name on your ballots, as there is a reward for owning your votes. The reward plan has not been completely decided yet, but for sure there will be a drawing based on ballots. We will celebrate the winners of our March Madness Tournament perhaps the Friday we return from our Spring Break, April 12, 2013.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Books & More Today

We received a small order of books today, and I'm testing out our ability to share in bibliography-style the books we will be displaying for a few days (in the library.)  Nothing like good old fashioned face-time to create interest. So they will be laid out on the library tables for proper browsing tomorrow. I hope this link gives you an annotated bibliography of the new material! An annotated bib will give you a brief summary of the books.  I WISH this generated list also provided book covers.

To see the annotated list, click here. To just cruise through the list, scroll through the embedded chart below.

Picture attribution

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Madness: Our Final Four

This week rounds out with four titles earning a spot in our DHS Library March Madness.  Students have been voting all week, and today we announce the "final four."

Swing by the library between March 18-21 to cast your vote in these match-ups.  Friday, March 23 we will announce the finalists who will vie for Library Book Champion!

The Final Four match up like this:

  • Catching Fire vs. Mockingjay
  • Legend vs. Hunger Games

I am amazed (and at the same time dismayed) to have an entire series in our final four.  Next year when we plan our March madness, if two books in a series make it to the Sweet Sixteen, the entire series will be a single team. That way we dont have competitors like this year's final four.  It would be very difficult for me to choose a winner.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The DHS Library Elite Eight

Our 2013 March Madness LIbrary Book Tournament continues! Students were asked to vote on the match-ups from last week's Sweet Sixteen, and the winning titles moved up in the brackets to the status of  "Elite Eight."  Here are the titles that were promoted to the Elite Eight through voting all this past week (since March 1.)

We have updated our brackets posted in the library, printed new ballots featuring the next round of match-ups which go as follows, and already our students are visiting and voting for their favorite titles. Many are speculating that Hunger Games will win, but time will tell. (Last week's ballot asked them to predict the winner, and overwhelmingly many students picked Hunger Games.)

The Elite Eight will square off against each other this way:

  • Catching Fire vs. Fade
  • Wake vs. Mockingjay
  • Legend vs. First Part Last
  • Hunger Games vs. The Son of Neptune

Elite Eight picture by Mrs. C. Nelson

All ballots must be in the yellow box by Thursday, March 14.  We will count the votes and update those brackets next Friday during our workday.  Those wanting to know EARLY will have to check our blog next Friday online since students are not in school--teachers have a workday.  (I will post a better picture Monday. I didn't realize I clipped the edges off, eliminating the Sweet Sixteen from this picture.)

May the best book win! Keep voting as that is how a title wins--getting the most votes. Please remember all the books are on the tables beside this display. If you haven't read one, check it out today!!