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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Dorman

To celebrate Valentines and the month of love all month long, we created a book display we are calling "Blind Date with a Book."  The gist of it is that going on a blind date means you know next to nothing about the date, but go to get to know the date. Our display is asking you to read a little teaser (on the heart of each red wrapped book) and then bring it to the desk to checkout (and this case "date" the unknown book!)  Just a fun way to promote reading.  No strings.  Students are not obligated to check out a book they unwrap if they decide it's not their type (or better, they've already read it-->YES, that actually happened with the first student to give one a try!!)

Props to Teacher Librarians Jen Cheseny at Powdersville High School of Anderson 1 and Heather Loy at Wagener High School of Aiken County Schools for the idea and sharing pictures too.

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