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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can you name these tweet reads?

Our USC School of Library and Information Science school library intern Lori Willis-Richards created this awesome book display in our Dorman library during November. We are going to sponsor a contest in which our students must guess the books.

Here's a taste.  Students and teachers, come by to enter our contest.  Correctly "tweeted" titles go in a drawing for Barnes and Noble gift cards!! FIVE winners will be selected.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snapshot Day at Dorman

The South Carolina Association of School Librarians is sponsoring a Snapshot day for librarians across the state to collect data. This data is used to create advocacy resources to share with decision makers.  The data is analyzed and repackaged creatively for use in any initiative.

Yesterday, Dorman pulled together data for our Snapshot Day, and here is how it looked.

Quotes left behind by students participating in our survey:

  • Marcuces: I love to read so I love this library!
  • Kaitlynn: I like to hangout here during lunch. It's  a quiet place to read.
  • Carlos: I visit everyday before school and during lunch. It's nice and quiet. 
  • Renisha: I come to the library frequently for many reasons, including to check out books, find a quiet place to work, use the computer, and read for pleasure.  Our library has my favorite books.  
  • Syrena:  I come to the Dorman library for a lot of reasons, and admittedly it's where I can find my friends a lot of times. I can let my imagination run while I read. 
  • Marquice: I've used the library a lot to work on projects and use the computers. This place gives me a place to work that is quiet and relaxing.
  • Kiasia:  This is the most quiet place to go!
  • Joselyn:  The library gives me a quiet place to read a book. 
  • Claire:  I can really do school work effectively in the library because its quiet.
  • Anna: I can actually study and do homework in there. That's not always true in my classes. 
  • Will:  I can work in peace in the library. 
  • Sara: Our library is a great place to hang.  Great books, iPads, it's an escape. 
  • Tanera:  Our library holds a bunch of different worlds, knowledge, and ideas. 
  • Katelin: The librarians take care of the students. They even let me borrow colored pencils.  
  • Taylor:  The library is a place where I can get done what I need to get done. The Librarians are very helpful too.  

We will be doing our survey periodically all month, so come on by to get one.  All we ask on the survey is why you chose to come to the library that day, and why the library is important to you.

Added Late: October by the numbers: