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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tilt - Our Virtual Book Club Meeting from Oct 17

We had our virtual book club tonight.  Out of the eight or so students who signed up, we had Sydney D., Brook N., Liz, T., and Delaney M.  actually come. We also had myself and Mrs. Melanie Dillard,  your DHS librarians, Miss Ericka Hammet, the DHS Library clerk, and Mrs. Lori Willis-Richards, our USC-SLIS Intern. We had a great time.

The virtual book club is considered virtual, mainly because we meet online with a number of other schools. We had hoped author Ellen Hopkins would get to come in virtually to talk with the groups about the book Tilt, but alas, that didnt happen.  But the kids managed to talk about the main characters in the book, and then decide who they were most like.  It was interesting to see that our kids loved the book, but didnt really feel like they would have made some of the same choices (mostly bad choices) the characters had made.  That makes me so proud of these girls!

We haven't selected another title yet, but that is coming!

See our pics!!

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