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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dorman Library participates in SCASL Snapshot Day

Today our library participated in a South Carolina Association of School Librarians' Snapshot Day.  This is an effort to capture the essence of what happens in a library on a single day.  Here are the numbers we crunched, but this does not show everything.  I (Mrs. Nelson) spent time visiting two classes today to introduce and go over some alternatives t using PowerPoint for upcoming presentations.  That is not reflected in this list.  Nor is it reflected how many phone calls from teachers that we dealt with--which are frequent.  It was an interesting day, none the less. We had a our Poetry month drop-in breakfast this morning to reward those students who actively engaged in our poetry themed activities throughout the month before school ever began. The classes that DID visit the library today had research needs on decades, Gatsby, and controversial topics for argumentative papers. We sought to pull as many print resources as we could to supplement their online research, and spent time pointing to databases for finding current articles to match their often funny topics.  It was a good day!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weeds 2 Wonders - A Sculpting Class Collaboration

We are excited to share our weeded books that have been transformed into works of book art, or more aptly book sculptures. We hope to showcase them throughout the rest of the school year and hopefully even into the fall. As soon as they were set out we had a steady stream of curious students checking them out. Art is like that, always drawing the curious over. I am so satisfied with this project! My collaborative friend and art teacher Mrs. S. Eleazer is already cooking up a new idea for more library and art collaboration.

Here is a sneak peak at our next collaboration, plans for which are underway but not yet fully fleshed out.

Friday, April 13, 2012

After the Hunger Games Trilogy

We just posted this as a display in the library and thought it fitting for the blog as well. Students have been asking for books like Hunger Games or that have similar themes.  Here they are!!

We got our ideas from these two blog posts:
The Teen Librarian's Toolbox  Dystopian Week Recap
The Nerdy Bookclub's  No Better than a Jabberjay: 10 Recommendations Based on Hunger Games Eavesdropping