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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teen Read Week 2011

Dorman's Library is set to celebrate Teen Read Week!! Here is an outline of the activities planned to highlight Young Adult Literature!

  • Everyday the week of October 17-21 we will have a "Picture It" contest.  "Picture It is the theme this year, so this contest capitalizes on it.  We will feature a popular DHS YA book in pictures only, and it will be displayed in the cafeteria where students can fill out entry forms to guess the title.  All correct responses will be displayed in the library and entered into a drawing. There will be ten students who win a free book, ten students who win a Cavalatte (school Coffee and Dessert shop) Coupon, and three students who win a $10 Gift Card from Barnes and Noble.
  • Tuesday the library will be hosting a BYOB Book Club!  We will be serving lunch to those who signed up, and anyone can come, but the ticket in the door is to "Bring Your Own Book!" We do this in conjunction with our Spartanburg County Public Library teen librarian friends (Thanks Tara and more!!) to cultivate strong YA reading relationships.  Symbiotic one for sure!
  • Wednesday we are planning a "Bookmark Yourself" Day, where students can have their photo taken and made into a customized bookmark.  
  • Thursday, we are letting students take a Hunger Games Quote Quiz! All students who accurately match the quote with a book character from the book is entered into a drawing. One lucky winner will be receiving a movie pass gift pack!!
  • Friday sorry to report is a student holiday, but we hope our students will join in the activities planned at the public library too.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

So Many New Books!!

Students, faculty, and staff!!  We just received a shipment of new books, and there are many--too many to just roll a cart out for browsing like we typically do.  We want to lay them out for browsing purposes for a few days on the lower tables (nearest the cafeteria) starting Tuesday. They will remain laid out like this through Thursday. 

This is something we have not done before.  Usually we just roll book carts out with a sign telling visitors there are new books.  We want to display them on the tables to give them “face time” as we realize many people pick up a book just because the cover grabbed their attention. 

Teachers, feel free to bring a class for a stroll through or send small groups (a phone call would be appreciated if it will be larger than four students.)  As always, students coming unescorted by a teacher should have a pass. Students are reminded they need a valid school ID to check out books.  Come be the first the check out a new book.