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Monday, September 26, 2011

Celebrate the Freedom to READ

This week at DHS, we are Celebrating the Freedom to Read. The ALA calls this week Banned Books Week. It is an annual event which celebrates reading and the First Amendment.

2011 Banned Books Week-An Annual Event Celebrating the Freedom to Read
September 24 - October 1, 2011

What does it mean for a book to be banned or challenged? First of all, books are banned or challenged because one person or a group of people feel that they need to protect others. What these people or groups do not realize is that they are restricting access to everyone which is a violation of our First Amendment rights. A challenge is an attempt to remove the book(s) in question. A ban is the actual removal of the book(s).

NOTE: The books available in our collection here at DHS are selected based on recommended reading lists and positive reviews from professional journals.

Here is a quiz for you to try: See what you know, or what you don't know. You may learn a thing or two.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google Vs. Databases - You decide!

The lesson plan for this presentation is available online here.

The password to use DISCUS is hidden in the slide deck posted above. If you need it, feel free to email me at nelsoncj "at" spart6.org. I will email back (or text provided a number that accepts text messages is given) as soon as I can.