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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Recommendations

If there are books that you would like to read that are not in our library, you may suggest titles to us (this is for Dorman High School students only--sorry!). To suggest a title go to http://destiny/common/servlet/presenthomeform.do?l2m=Home&tm=Home and click on "Make a Book Recommendation" and fill out the form. Don't forget to submit. Please make sure the books you suggest are appropriate for high school readers.

We have already received two shipments of new books this school year. Make your suggestion today!


Jordan said...

Hey guys! It's Jordan!

I just wanted to let you know that I still read your blog, even though I've graduated. (Is that sad? No, I just miss you guys!) Tell Nehemiah and Shaun "Hi" for me. Also, I found this awesome Hunger Games video on Youtube that I thought you might want to put a link to on your blog!


Cathy Nelson said...

Jordan a friend of mine shared that with me today!! What a coincidence that you shared it here with me first. We miss you too, and I will tell Nehemiah and Sean you sent greetings.