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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hunger Games Alert--Mockingjay has a book trailer and a Facebook fan page

Also, an official Facebook Fan page has been launched--visit here (from home of course!!) Hunger Games Facebook Page

I know why the vampire sparkles!

Please go read this post on another blog that was shared with me  today, as I really think DHS students could appreciate it as well!! It came from a blog title "Science in My Fiction" and is very tongue in cheek, though the observations and conclusions make prefect sense to me!!

Of the contributors , Kay Holt is the actual author, and I'm hoping she is okay with my sharing the post here on our own school library/reading blog!  If you feel adventurous, pop on over to the original post and leave a comment! Visit anyway to read the comments already there, as some of the many comments left add to the post. Below is an excerpt! Be sure to visit and read the whole thing!! 


I know why the vampire sparkles!

I finally read Twilight, and after hours of internet research, I’ve found a solution to a major problem I had with the story. I know why the vampire sparkles!

Of course, innate body glitter is just the latest thing wrong with vampires at large, so I’ll start with the broader picture and work my way to the answer to that new riddle.

First, I assert that vampires must be giant, highly evolved insects. That makes sense because most of the hematophages in the natural world are bugs.
The rest can be read at the original blog post here!