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Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming Soon to the DHS Media Center

Well we are finally on our Christmas break, and Lizzie keeps wanting to see new content. (I have to show her an aggregator!) So I am posting a few plans that have not solidified yet, but are mixing around in my head and somewhat shared with Mrs. Dillard and Mrs. Barron.

January Book Swap:
I hope to get approved a book swap activity.  We might add in some paperbacks that we can order new (Scholastic Bargain Book Boxes come to mind.)  But here is the gist of it:
  1. Have announced and post fliers around the building asking students to bring gently used books to donate to the book swap -- looking at the 3rd Friday in January.
  2. Maintain accurate records on the number of books donated per student.
  3. On the big day, bring students into the media center during lunch and/or English classes and then invite them into the bookswap area to select different books based on the dumber of donations made.
  4. Encourage students to share their numbers with friends. (Perhaps issue tickets that match the number of books they can select, and allow the to share their tickets with friends.)
  5. Consider allowing bag lunches in the library for the day so that the book swap doesn't compete with our students desire to eat.
  6. If we can get some Bargain priced book sets for a decent price, consider expanding this t include all English classes, or haps all of one grade's classes. 

January Gamer Day:
  1. Have a gamer day in the library (during lunch) and use bag lunches again.
  2. Advertise and have kids sign up
  3. Get students to volunteer equipment to use (waiver forms needed?)
  4. Have sign-ups for time limits in games
  5. Brainstorm variety of games, including board games, card games, video games, etc.
  6. Figure out arrangement. Secure library workers to "work" each game area.
  7. Be prepared for a very "carnival-like" atmosphere.
February Elections:

  1. Figure out date to have our SCYABA Book election. Once a week until then, have specific nominee book discussions to help promote them (5 books a week throughout January?)
  2. Run reports of circulations of nominees
  3. Advertise the election all during January to remind students of criteria for election
  4. Have a Lunch Meeting and invite all who qualify to have lunch and vote in the library
  5. Celebrate our results with announcements and fliers. 

Well anyway that's what is running through my mind at this moment. I am not sure everything will fly--we still have to see approval from administration. But we'll see. 


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