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Monday, September 14, 2009

NBLU 2009 - The numbers are in!

The summer reading campaign came to a close August 31, and students, staff members, and teachers alike have steadily been turning in logs. No Book Left Unread asked all members of the school community to log pages read, including not only books, but also magazines, newspapers, and even websites--practically anything that is read.

We compiled our data, and have our final number of pages read! Dorman High School submitted to the SC Department of Education NBLU Headquarters a whopping 237,004 pages read for the summer! Congratulations all and thanks for contributing!

Noteworthy participants include:
Our top 2 students:
Angel Y, who recorded 35,803 pages
Staci S, who recorded 6,399 pages
Comment from Staci, regarding her success: "I could have probably logged 10,000 pages easily, because I read a tremendous amount online."

Our top 2 faculty/staff participants:
Ms. Bishop, who logged 41,817 pages read.
Ms. Murphy, who logged 8,985 pages read.
Both of these educators turned in multiple page documents of their summer reading.
Comment from Ms. Bishop: "I really do more than just read! I just love series, and am a fast reader. I tend to devour a series once I discover the author. But please realize I really do not just read, though it comes quick and helps pass the time when I am doing things that call for waiting."

The top 20 students and these top two educators will celebrate their success tomorrow morning (September 15, 2009) in the media center at our NBLU Breakfast. We will reward the top 4 with $25 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, and present the rest of the group with a paperback book of their choice dedicated with an NBLU bookplate.

Until next year, gang. Let's see if we can top 237,004 pages next summer!

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Lizzy said...

Can we have something new to talk about. I have read 13 reasons why and i would recommened that book to any one, and I have read the city of bones and i would not recommed it to anyone its very hard to get into.