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Friday, May 2, 2008

DHS English Department Summer Reading Ask Questions Here!

Post questions and comments regarding The Dorman English Department 2008 Summer Reading Program here. Teachers will be online throughout the summer to respond to your comments and to answer your questions. For a copy of the summer reading list, please see the Dorman High School homepage at http://www.dormanhigh.org/.


eersca said...

could u please tell me how to find the reading requirements for english 10 honors. no information was sent in the mail. thank you

Sue Fitzgerald said...

You are welcome to call the school to have a brochure sent to your house.
Mrs. Fitz

English 10 Honors
The required works for English 10 Honors are listed below. The texts should be purchased so that you may annotate in them. You may order them online or purchase them at a local bookstore. Please call the store to be sure the texts are available. Students in English 10 Honors must be prepared to (whether first or second semester):
- Write about the works critically during class.
- Discuss the works analytically.
The required works are:
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
Great Short Stories from Hawthorne to Hemingway, edited with an Introduction by Corinne Demas (Barnes and Noble Classics).
Read the following short stories from this anthology:
“Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” F. Scott Fitzgerald
“A White Heron,” Sarah Orne Jewett
“Paul’s Case,” Willa Cather
“The Untold Lie,” Sherwood Anderson

WhoCares357 said...

The link to the list leads me to:

Is there any other way to get the list (on the internet)?

Mrs. Layne said...

If that link is not working for you, you may click the Blue "HERE" in the Summer Read '08 Chill Out and Read portion of the blog. That will lead you to a website with reading lists--one of which is the English Department summer reading list. Under "Read it," click "DHS English Department Summer Reading List." Hope this helps. Please blog back if you still cannot access the list. Good luck! Mrs. Layne

ave said...

I took CP English in 9th grade. My teacher convinced me to take Honors English in 10th grade. I am working on the summer reading assignment, but I have no idea how to annotate. It wasn't taught in ninth grade CP English. What should I do? I have searched the internet and there are meny different explanations of how to annotate. I want to do what is expected of me, but I am really lost.

Mrs. Moore said...

To me, annotating is very personal. For some assignments, teachers will give you very specific guidelines of how and what they want you to annotate, but for the summer reading we have not given specific instructions. When you annotate, you want to underline, circle, highlight, make comments--whatever works for you--what you consider important, what will help you understand the reading. Perhaps you'll want to pay attention to conflicts that characters go thgrough. Perhaps you'll be looking for examples of figurative langauge and how those examples create or clarify meaning. Perhpas you'll trace a character's development or you'll look at the role setting might play. Maybe you'll look at a recurring symbol or you'll examine how the author develops theme. Basically, you want to "annotate" information that will help you to remember and understand what you've read, discuss what you've read, and write about what you've read. Keep in mind that you do not know if you will have the class first semester or second, and if you do have the class second semester, you'll want to annotate well so that you don't have to re-read the selections over the holidays but can simply reivew them through your annotations.

I hope this information helps.

Mrs. Moore

monkey414 said...

For English 10 Honors, are we required to annotate the texts? Also, are we required to do an assignment during summer on the texts? I noticed there was an optional assignment for a summer reading celebration. Does this apply to english 10 honors too?

Mrs. Moore said...

The requirement for English 10 Honors is to read and annotate the play and the short stories. We want you to annotate because you will be writing essays and participating in discussions about the texts during the first few days of class. The annotations will help you to do a better job with your essays and your discussions. Those students in honors and AP classes may choose to read one of the selections from the CP/TP list and complete the assignment for extra credit, but you are not required to do so.