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Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer Reading 10 H Great Short Stories

Any comments on the following short stories: "Bernice Bob's Her Hair" by F. Scott Fitzgerald ; "A White Heron" by Sharon Orne Jewett ; "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather ; and "The Untold Lie" by Sherwood Anderson?


Briosha said...

I have a question. Do we do our assignment on one of the two books we're required to read, or do we do it on a completely other book?

Peacemaker9669 said...

I have a question on the project. Can you do the poster on the Great Short Stories as the whole book, or do you have to do a poster on all the short stories?

Mrs. Lane said...

If you guys choose to complete the optional assignment (poster or essay) in order to attend the beginning of the year celebration you can complete it on either a short story, the play, or any of the books on the CP/TP list. You guys are at an advantage because you have more pieces to choose from. Remember though, that the optional assignment must be turned in at registration, and you will also have a required assignment the first day of class on your Honors reading.

Good luck, have a great summer, and enjoy the reading!!

Ms. Lane

Peacemaker9669 said...

What about for the honors? Can you do the poster on the whole book, Great American Short Stories, or do you have to do a poster for every individual short story required?

Mrs. Moore said...

The requirement for 10 Honors is to read A Raisin in the Sun, and the six short stories. You will be required to write in-class essays on the first few days of class about the selections read. The in-class essays will be required regardless of which semester you have English.

The poster assignment is for CP/TP. However, Honors students may choose to do this assignment in order to attend the party at the beginning fo the year. Mrs. Lane pointed out that you may choose the optional assignment--poster or essay--on any of the pieces you read. In other words, you could do the assignment about A Raisin in the Sun, one of the short stories, or you may choose to read a selection from the CP/TP list and complete the assignment based upon that selection.

Just make sure you are looking at the right list for the particular course you will be taking next year and that you complete the required assignment. In Honors and AP the required assignments involved in-class essays and tests the first few days of class.

Enjoy your summer, and keep reading.

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore said...

One correction on my last post. I don't think you have six short stories to read; I think you only have four. I had another course on my mind when I said six. I hope I haven't confused you even more. Just remember that the required assignment for 10 Honors is the in-class essays.

Briosha said...

No confusion here. Your posts are quite clear. Thank you.Enjoy your summers too.

Ms. Loftis said...

To All Honors Summer Readers:
A good idea while you guys are completely your summer reading is to annotate. By annotating, I mean to underline or highlight anything that seems important to you or anything that you just find interesting. Of course, annotating is not required, it is just a smart strategy while you are reading and it will be helpful when you are completing the essays at the beginning of the semester, as Mrs. Moore mentioned. Remember: whether you have Honors English 1st semester or 2nd semester, you will be required to discuss and write on the play and short stories the FIRST day of class.

I hope you enjoy reading A Raisin in the Sun and The Great American Short Stories.

Enjoy your summer!

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, Ms. Loftis

aZissa said...

ok...so i'm confused. we don't have to do anything but read the books over the summer and when we have our english class next year we have to write in-class essays and be able to discuss the book, but that's it? no writing over the summer, just reading?

Ms. Loftis said...

All you have to do for English 10 Honors is read the play and the short stories and be ready to write and discuss the first day of school. You will be doing plenty of writing when school starts, so all you need to do now is make sure you read.

Remember, if you choose to complete for assignment for CP/TP for the ice cream party, it does require that you turn in something on Registration Day.

But, for English 10 Honors all you do is read for now.

Thanks and have fun :)

Jonathan C.N. said...

I've read most of the assigned short stories, and I found "The Untold Lie," and "Paul's Case" to be the most confusing. I did not know why, in "Paul's case, Paul did what he did in the ending. In "The Untold Lie," I do not understand what was going on. What was the lie?

There were some short stories I found in the book that, in my opinion, were exceedingly marvelous stories. I especially found Rappuchinni's daughter to be captivating. Hawthorne is a talented author and I hope "The Scarlet Letter"(Sorry, I don't know how to do italics on a blog) will be as wonderful as "Rappuchinni's Daughter."

I'm not sure of this, but in the table of contents, is "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveris County" by Mark Twain the correct title? I thought it was "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveris County." One last question, can I do the CP/TP assignment on one of the short stories not on the list(Ex. Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener")?

Ms. Loftis said...

It has taken me a bit to get back to you. I have been on a vacation. As far as "Paul's Case" and "The Untold Lie," we will be discussing those in depth the first few days of class. I'll answer any questions you have before you complete an essay.

I am glad you enjoyed "Rappaccini's Daughter." We will be completing it in class also. You are welcome to read the other short stories in the anthology but remember we will be doing them during the semester with annotations. Actually, we will be completing about 90% of the anthology during the semester. It be used as an additional textbook for English 10 honors.

You can choose any of the short stories or any of the other works on the Summer Reading list for the CP/TP assignment. Remember, that assignment is not turned into me. It is something you will need to turn in when you register.

I enjoyed reading your comments on A Raisin in the Sun. It is one of my favorite works and something I think the class will enjoy. We will be analyzing the poem "Harlem" the second day of school.

I believe the correct title for Twain's short story is the one listed in the anthology but I will check again and make sure.

Have a good rest of the summer and I am looking forward to starting the semester.

Ms. Loftis

Caroline_H said...

I especially enjoyed F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Bernice Bobs Her Hair." I believe the story to examine the importance of social status and how far someone would go to be well-liked. It is a story full of humor, as well as events that could occur during the present time period.
The story "The White Heron" was also quite enjoyable. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I believe the theme of the story is about Sylvia's rite into self-discovery as well as maturity. Throughout the events that take place, we see Sylvia becoming more and more like an adult.
However, I absolutely loved "Paul's Case." I can relate to this story so much. I myself am a theatre fanatic, and to hear the words of his obsession expressed was wonderful. Paul is an extremely interesting character. He has an obsessive nature, and is obviously extremely artistic. Whenever the theatre is described in this story, the text is enriched with life; however, when describing any other setting, everything seems dull. This style of writing is very unique, and I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. But it is almost as if written in the style that Paul would have spoken it in. I thoroughly enjoyed the story.
I have yet to read "The Untold Lie," but I will begin it very soon, and post back as soon as possible.