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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer Reading Comments for We Beat the Street

Any comments on We Beat We Beat the Street by Sharon Draper?


Mrs. Hollifield said...

One thing I really like about this book is that it does not portray this "Cinderella" story in which the three boys from the ghetto become doctors in a magical, eye-twinkling way. The book actually takes the reader through all the struggles and temptations that these doctors endured. Sometimes, the conflicts are small and seemingly insignificant. Sometimes, they are potentially life-shattering. Whatever the magnitude of the struggle, however, we see that each decision the boys make shapes their futures and takes them closer (or farther away from) their dreams. I think we can all relate to them in some way, and that is why I highly recommend this book.

ashlee' said...

I have a question to ask.Is the assignment a requirement for English 10 CP?

Ms. Loftis said...

For CP the assignment is not a requirement, it is only extra credit. However, if you do it for extra credit you will get to attend an ice cream party when school starts. Remember, if you do the assignment for extra credit you must turn it in Registration Day.
Hope this helps, Ms. Loftis

dexter said...

Which list is neccessary for CP10? the 1st list or the ones under Senior World Literature or both?

Mrs. Moore said...

The first list is the list you need for any College Prep or Tech Prep English class. World Lit is a senior course for students who have been in the Honors program and decide not to take AP, and seniors who are taking World Lit choose from the other list.

We have some really good books on the CP/TP list, and I hope you will find one that you like. Personally, I'm rather partial to We Beat the Street and Copper Sun, but I've also read many of the others and enjoyed them, too.

Remember for CP/TP and World Lit, the assignemnt is extra credit that you turn in at registration and the completion of the assignment also allows you to attend the summer reading celebration we will have in August. I hope to see lots of students at the celebration.

Happy reading!
Mrs. Moore