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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Poetry Slam

On the request of Mrs. Moore's 1st block class we have started a poetry slam.


SAGAR said...
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Dev6162 said...

Snow is very very cold,
It's just as cold as ice
But even though it is so cold
I still think it's nice.
By Deven Foltz

David Ultimateballer Moore said...

Nice work Deven. "Snow" represents what poetry is, and should be. The simplicity of "Snow" is what allows the poem to convey so much in so little words. I plan on posting my own poetry when I get a chance, but as for now fellow readers, good night, and good luck.

FreddyD said...

Amazing Deven...
Such words fill my heart with a feeling unlike anything I have ever known. "Snow" is a marvel, unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

Todd The Rod said...

Devon, have you ever considered writing a book of poetry? Because you have the pulitzer on lock

Jack said...

Stretched from horizon to horizon
Lies an asphalt line
With one divide
Where everyday a million lives fly by
Along it walks a single lonely soul
A man whose eyes never meet the sky
Torn black clothes hang from his feeble bones
His appearance singing melancholy tones
Seldom peeks of teary eyes
Between worn out strands of hair
That are a mere disguise
Failing to conceal
The wounds that never seemed to heal
A grayscale beard, pixeled on his chin
It once framed a healthily mischievous grin
But now it’s decked with lifeless lips
Conveying death of all emotion
Dripping out from callused fingertips
Falling, fading in slow motion
From his hand dangles a single rose
Its color hinting
At a once glorious crimson
That with time and wear
Turned to a lifeless gray
The rose’s tears as petals hit the ground
It weeps so quiet and unsound
Slowly breathing out its life
Fighting out a silent strife
Until after seemingly eternity
The man is nearly all debris
Of the war that wages in his heart
As he searches for the part
That will make his life complete
And save him from defeat
His remaining steps decrease
As the end is creeping near
The agony must cease
But his hope in love will persevere
So he sets another foot before the other
Chasing the horizon endlessly
Driven by abundant trust
When suddenly onto his knees he’s thrust
Pushed by fatigue
Into defeat

Adam Stovall said...

Life is defeat.
Life is the bitter sting of the cold winter air.
Life is the sorrow of a thousand souls.
Life is the pain of knowing whats lost.
Finding whats not needed.
And escaping those who love.
Life is the pressure of the world on ones back.
And the pressures of humanity in ones face.
Life is pain.
Pain keeps the heart alive, and prepares it for interminable sorrow.
Sorrow is the gateway to the soul.
The soul is the gateway to happiness.
Happiness opens one to the presence of his emotions.
Emotions control ones life.
Life is in his hands.
Actions in life can change the world, and cheer the sorrow of a thousand souls.

blank... said...

A Reflection...
Of what, what do I see,
Do I see the real me?
Who is this stranger looking back,
Is he even a stranger.
Where have I met him,
Where have I seen him,
Could it be...?
This figure, could it be me,
I think so,
I think it is.
I have found myself,
I have seen the real me,
...How nice to meet you.