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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Digital Spine Poetry

After seeing how Andy Plemmons (a Georgia school librarian in Mrs. Nelson's professional learning community) used Tellagami with his Spine Poetry activity, she shared it with Mrs Richie's World Lit classes who were visiting the library to create Spine Poems. Since these students are from a high school World Lit class, their task was to create a couple of Spine Poems, but one had to reflect major themes from their recent study of literary criticism and theory. These students amazed us today, and with no demonstration at all, they ran with it. The decision to use it was made about thirty minutes before the first group came, and so it was just suggested students use their own smartphones and help each other out.  Here are the results. ENJOY!!

(NOTE: The first two above were shared straight from Tellagami, so they have their "Gami" border. The others were sent to me as downloaded. I am still trying to figure out why they do not have their Tellagami border, but my suspicion is the type of device used, as our students had quite a variety.)


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Collaborative project fruits of labor - GREAT PIC and GREAT STUDENT

Well, maybe more of a collaborative idea hatched and carried through! I wish I had a photo to share of our student Cesar, but he is apparently absent today.  He came by Tuesday afternoon to tell me he had made something for the library over in his RDA Carpentry class, but it would need to be delivered or picked up.  To say I was ecstatic is an understatement!  You see during the week of registration when RD Anderson reps (teachers/advisors) came to Dorman’s lunch block to sign off on students taking RDA courses, we had ELDA Testing in the library. The testing caused us to be closed during lunch a day while they were here. Since we were closed we took some time to go over to the lunchroom to get returned books, renew books, and take special book orders for our library regulars or anyone else wanting library books and materials.

I struck up a conversation with Elizabeth Abel, the Academic Assistance Teacher working RDA registration during one of those days, telling her how we had some library regulars getting cards signed for RDA classes.  I then told her how much an after school group (that includes Cesar) all ride a late bus, and join us to play checkers, chess, or scrabble. I told her about an idea I had for maybe a carpentry class to build us a small table top checker board, and that we would be happy to help out with materials and resources.  I also said I thought that maybe Dorman students would be happy to build it for us, and we would put it to immediate use.

Unbeknownst to me until Tuesday after school, the project was taken on by Cesar Chavez, and 11th grader here at Dorman, through his Carpentry class taught by RDA Instructor Tom Webb. The final product demonstrates high quality craftsmanship and I’m sure was a true labor of love. You see, Cesar is one of the guys who comes in most afternoons to play board games. I can’t wait to take a picture of the board in use to share!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skyped Author Visit - Paul Volponi - Big Success!

Last Wednesday, March 25, Our Library Lunchtime Book Club (affectionately known as the BYOB aka Bring Your Own Book Club met up for the entire 3rd block to host a virtual visit by SCYABA 13-14 Nominee The Final Four author Paul Volponi. We treated this like an in house field trip, bringing our three lunch groups together for one large meeting. Due to conflicting schedules, we had to relocate to the rehearsal room to have our skype visitor, author Paul Volponi.  
We began our book club meting with lunch that included Papa John's Pizza, chips, Girl Scout Cookies, and water. We then played a game of The Final Four bingo.  And finally we regrouped to talk with Paul Volponi. Our kids really responded well to the visit, and have been in the library demanding more Paul Volponi books, which is a god thing, right!?  We hope to have one more book club date near the end of April, and it will have a Poetry theme to go hand in hand with National Poetry Month and National School Library Month. We are thinking a Poetry Picnic planned for the veranda/patio that overlooks the football field. We'll let everyone know soon.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Congratulations Divergent Trilogy, our 2014 DHS Library march Madness Winner

In the coming days we will be doing a drawing from ALL STUDENT PARTICIPANTS for a Barnes & Noble Giftcard, so stay tuned!!  We will also revisit and post the names of the weekly drawing winners. Thanks to all our students (and teachers) who helped select our tournament winner.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Library March Madness Week Four - the Championship Round

It's championship week in the library.  Our kids are really buzzing over the finale of our 2014 Library Book March Madness Tournament.  There was a close election (between Hunger Games Trilogy and The Fault in our Stars) for one of our finalists, and I SO wanted The fault in Our Stars to win. Alas, it was not to be. Our finalists for the 2014 DHS Library March Madness are two trilogies as follows:


This year's Library March Madness Book Tournament was tweaked so that we wouldn't once again  have two books from the same series in our finals like last year.  (Last year we had Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games up against Catching Fire, with Hunger games winning.)  To alleviate that problem we decided to group series together as an entry if two or more were in our top sixteen. We actually wound up with five series in this year's tournament.    

  So why am I still not happy? 

I am not happy this year with the finalists due to MOVIES!  Yes, I said it. Movies. The tend to ruin the book as a whole in general. I always have students share their disappointment with movies and what they changed, focused on , left out, etc.  It bugs me too, though I have to confess, I still want to see the movie.  So yes, I will probably tweak the guidelines for a book making it into our tournament again next year. My plan is to LEAVE OUT books that have already made it to a theater production, or are slated for a production release  before school is out next spring.  I am tired of feeling like that movie release is impacting the voting results. Bahh! One of our students suggested we sponsor a Books 2 Movie Tournament to go with our February library contest theme. Hmmmm, that student my be on to something. Maybe we'll even add a genre theme too....   

Monday, March 17, 2014

Library March Madness 2014 - The Final Four

This week marks the "Final Four" in our Library March Madness Tournament!
Congratulations to these titles who will match up! Remember, all voting must be in by 4:15 Thursday.

Vote at http://bit.ly/dhsmarchmadness, or in the library using a paper ballot, or or scan here!